reymonkey (reymonkey) wrote in art_nexus,

Dirk arts

Some more finished pieces this time, all Dirk stuff. He's easy to draw now that I have the stylization down, but drawing him with other people's characters is always a challenge because I have to convert them to a similar style. Really, drawing people realistically is easier, but then I'd have to draw him realistic to match...

Ramon and the Dirkitty. I'm still not sure on the proportions of this, because Dirk was supposed to be a small cat (heightwise, that is), but then Ramon's a little guy... This would be the Dirkitty prior to climbing into Ramon's lap in DM. I still can't believe he took him home. I'll spare you the drawing of Dirk transforming back to himself in the Mayfair flat in the middle of the night.

This is a little more random, just Dirk at Hollister's, chatting up the owner. Yes, Dirk is very short and Hips is on the tall side, I think? The proportion looks a little strange either way.

And Mel sthenyaer hugging Dirk, who is surprised, but not unhappily so. It's kind of like having a niece or a kid sister, but he'll take all the fangirls he can get.

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