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Pencil sketch

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hidden_jedi This is Kale. I'm still working on a satisfactory version of him. He's gone through several versions, since he's based on a Star Wars PC I played several years ago and I was never happy with any sketches I did with him. I might eventually color it... probably by hand.

Up on top there is his father's lightsaber. Or my trying to design one.

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Very cool. I see a lot of dimension in the lines of the face.
^_^ Thank you. I like drawing faces. Even if I do get the eyes sometimes cock-eyed. I always thought that if you don't get a good live expression on a face then the rest of the body doesn't matter. It's the face that makes the person.
Well, nobody's eyes are perfectly even. I look back on portraits I used to be very happy with and now that I look at them again the eyes are crooked and it jumps out at me. You just keep drawing and improve...
This is true. Occasionally I go back through my old sketch books and boggle at what I thought was good. You can even see a lot of difference between a year or even six months.

As for eyes, I agree, nobody's eyes are perfectly even... but there's that delicate balance between almost even and cock-eyed.