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Mishmash of random scenes

I'll repost this if anybody's computer doesn't like DA, but it's easier to link there than to reupload the pictures a separate place, and I'm lazy. I do a lot of doodling the characters being played, especially if a particular scene catches my interest. Here's a random sampling of more recent scenes, with explanation. All relate to DM at least loosely. Sorry these are all sketches instead of finished, colored works.

This was from a game done offline, which I need to post somewhere. dirk__gently and little_1000 (Fiver) having a chat in some vague Nexus location. The conversation itself was pretty cute, and I keep meaning to type it up. Dirk is played by myself and Fiver by the_wugglyump.

This little bit of weirdness is a never-was inspired by game events. Various LOL resulted in Dirk spending a couple months as a cat, living with Hippolyta and Ramon, and also resulted in a major spooky plot with courtneycrumrin. At the end of it, there was a clumsy pinpointing to the Mayfair flat with Courtney, Hippolyta, Ramon, Courtney's uncle Aloysius, and Courtney's cat, Fisher. Because I can only let a dramatic scene be but so serious, I had the cat Fisher land on the sleeping cat Dirk. Within a month or so Dirk was back to himself, and he's been lucky enough not to run into Fisher since.

This family scene comes from the time of the Rassplosion. Thorn was temporarily detained off wandering somewhere with a broken pinpoint, while a child version of him showed up in the Nexus. Leela, who the adult version lives with, took him in and gave him a few days of happy domestic life. The idea was too cute to pass up and I have a habit of drawing a lot of Thorn, even though he's not mine. Here we have little Thorn and little Tom Riddle St. Germaine laying on the floor drawing with crayons, while Leela looks on. None of the characters in this picure are mine, name_of_thorn is played by shadowtricker, Little Tom is played by the_wugglyump and leela1 is copyright her respective player.
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