Program Omega (rampant_cruelty) wrote in art_nexus,
Program Omega

Alright; I'm finally going to take this opportunity to go show off a few pictures I've been doing relating to my pup crew over time. Heh heh. Few of these, I've used them as icons; figured it'd be worth airing the full version. And a couple of these have aired on the pup's journal.
The comments on the pictures (they're on deviantArt) don't always match as I wasn't in the mood for explaining the details. ;) Aaanyway. Here ya go!

* Omega's mechanical form, for those 'no human body' times.
* And a portrait of him as 'Adam' AKA Not!Sylar.
* K's old NexusLOL!demon form from back in the day.
* And him back to human and in serious trouble. I seem to default to drawing him with redder hair than his PB.
* Heeeereeee's... dammit. I can't go there. Eh, KingdomHearts!Johnny. (There's a lot of stuff from his world in the gallery recently, other characters etc.)
* And young John-117/Harvey, classic soldier version, training in the gym.
* Civilian!Jersey, looking cocky.
* And back from when he was stuck in Area 51. I didn't get the scale on his robot buddy.
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